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Tempe Chiropractor | Tempe chiropractic care | AZ | ABOUT OUR LOGO


(480) 940-4880

7520 S. Rural Rd., Suite A-10, Tempe,AZ

(NW Corner of Rural & Elliot Rd)

"Helping the Sick Get Well & The Well To Excel"


Our logo represents Body, Mind, and spirit, which are harmoniously re-connected with Chiropractic Adjustments and are directed from Above-Down-Inside-Out.  The rings represent a covenant, a promise, and a committment to fullfill my calling in life...TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


The colors of the rings also have significance:

The Purple Vertical Spine represents royalty and authority from ABOVE-DOWN (Brain>SpinalCord>Body).


The Blue Ring represents Healing and Hope via the source of the care we provide from INSIDE-OUT.


The Green Ring represents new life, health, prosperity and fruitfullness: what we are "left with" when we are connected to and follow the source.


We are all given an inborn health potential at conception.  We call it "INNATE INTELLIGENCE" meaning health is literally within each of us.  It is the mission of COTTINGHAM CHIROPRACTIC to release the Innate Healing Capacity in all who entrust us to improve their health and life through Natural Chiropractic Care. We are honored to serve and deliver!

Tempe Chiropractor | ABOUT OUR LOGO. Dr. Jeffrey Cottingham is a Tempe Chiropractor.